(It's easy for you to believe in signs, rather than believe in me. Maybe that just means that you don't really love me at all.)

–Yong to Carmina

Relevant Information

Name: Marrion Pineda Gopez

Gender: Male

Nickname: Yong (by everyone)

Status: Alive

Occupation: PBB Housemate

Romance: Carmina Joven (see CarMa)

Family: Mom, dad

Appearance: Maalaala Mo Kaya: Signs of Love

Portrayed by: James Reid


Yong is a member of PBB and is famously known, but only in his town. He is looking for someone to work with, where he met Carmina Joven. He is very loyal to her and it seems that he truly loves her. He isn't rich and goes to Japan to work there for his family.


Carmina: (see CarMa)

Carmina and Yong become fascinated to one another when they met. As they spend time together, they start to fall in love with each other. But their relationship becomes complicated when Yong goes to Japan to work.

Mom & dad:

Yong has a good relationship with both his parents. They support him in whatever he does.

Quotes (English Translations)

Yong: Hey, did you see the picture displayed outside? I'm sure she's got a big chance. Look, she's pretty, right? Why don't we search for her?

Ronnie: Actually, this girl is really pretty. We don't have to search for her. Yong, meet Carmina.

Yong: (To Carmina) This is you? But you're more prettier in personal.

Yong: I love you, Carmina.

Yong: Can you be my 'plus one'?

Carmina: Plus one?

Yong: Plus one. Pretty, loving, understanding, sweet. The one.

Yong: (To Carmina) I also won't give up on you.

Yong: (To Carmina) Are you just gonna turn your back on me? After all that we've been through?

Yong: (To Carmina) You didn't even give me a chance to explain. I thought we were strong?

Yong: (To Carmina) Signs? You based our relationship on signs? Carmina, I love you! And I know that you're the one for me. And that isn't because of some signs! Everything. I did everything to prove that to you. But whatever I do, if you're going to believe in those useless signs, I'm just gonna lose anyway. If you love someone, you'll trust them. You won't just give up on them. Even though it's difficult. It's easy for you to believe in signs, rather than believe in me. Maybe that just means that you don't really love me at all.

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