I was hoping you could capture different moods, different emotions.

–Tristan to Abi

Relevant Information

Name: Tristan Adams

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Romance: Abi Villavicencio

Family: Emman, mom, step-dad

Appearances: Beauty And The Bestie

Portrayed by: James Reid


Tristan is the half-brother of Emman, who he can never get along with. He's got a pet parrot and doesn't seem to get along with his step-dad too. Tristan is flirtatious, but not the player-type, and soon falls in love with Abi.


Abi: (see TrisBi)

Tristan and Abi meet when he pretends to be the doctor of Abi's nephew, Jimbo, but was later on introduced by the real doctor. As they spend more time together, they gradually fall in love.

The nurse:

Tristan flirted with the nurse at the beginning of the film. Although by the middle of the film, it shows that he's not interested at her anymore since he has fallen in love with Abi.


Emman is Tristan's half-brother. Tristan thinks that Emman doesn't like him so he shows the mutual feeling as well. But towards the middle of the film, it was revealed that the reason why Emman never talks to Tristan was because he always spoke English and Emman didn't understand him majority of the time.

Mom & step-dad:

Tristan gets along with his mother, but doesn't get along with his step-dad. This may be because Tristan isn't his real son, and his wife's child to another man.

Quotes (English Translations)

Abi: (To Jimbo & Jumbo) Hey! Even though I don't shower for three days, my armpit still smells good! You can smell it even!

Tristan: I think you need a bath.

Tristan: (To Abi) I was hoping you could capture different moods, different emotions.