Arrival: USA

August 2015

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
1 "Arrival" August 10, 2015 Leah goes to USA to pursue her Nanang's dream.
2 "I Love USA" August 11, 2015 Leah and Clark's paths eventually cross, not knowing of the roles they will play in each other's lives.
3 "American Dream" August 12, 2015 Clark is desperate as he is now in need of money to pay a loan shark.
4 "Pusong OFW" August 13, 2015 Determined to fulfill her dream for her mother, Leah finalizes her decision to extend her stay in San Francisco and starts to learn what hard work in American really means.
5 "The Meet-Up" August 14, 2015 Leah's visa is about to expire and there's no other way for her but to find a husband-to-be.
6 Marry Me" August 17, 2015 With her visa looming to expire, Leah exhausts all means to become a legal immigrant. Clark, on the other hand, is in desperate need to find a huge amount of money to pay a loan shark he is indebted to. Jack then steps in to help the two solve their problems, inadvertently intertwining Leah and Jack's path in the most unexpected way.
7 "Don't Fall In Love" August 18, 2015 Fate pulls Clark and Leah together in San Francisco. Clark and Leah's lives in America change when they go through all the conditions of their special agreement that will solve their problems.
8 "I Do or I Don't" August 19, 2015 Leah realizes that pretending to be in a relationship with Clark is not that easy, but her family is enough reason for her to push with the their plans.
9 "Kasal-Kasalan" August 20, 2015 The time has come for Leah and Clark to finally say "I do."
10 "Mr. and Mrs." August 21, 2015 Mang Sol is about to discover what Leah has gotten her self into.
11 "Achieve" August 24, 2015 Leah and Clark's dreaded Q and A portion is about to happen.
12 "I'm Sorry" August 25, 2015 Leah and Clark are ready for Q and A, but they don't really have all the right answers.
13 "Truth or Consequence" August 26, 2015 Leah and Clark learn more about each other: the people that they love, the ones that they need to let go of and those who they'd rather forget.
14 "Big Heart" August 27, 2015 Clark dreamt of falling in love with Leah, and this dream slowly turns to reality.
15 "Hindi Pwede" August 28, 2015 Leah does everything to make Clark open up about his personal life, especially about his father.
16 "Hubby, Wifey" August 31, 2015 Leah and Clark hide their real feelings for each other. Even for love, it's still "T.N.T (tago ng tago / hiding).

September 2015

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
17 "Fairytale" September 1, 2015 Convincing the people around them that they're in love becomes easy for Leah and Clark, but they have trouble convincing themselves that they're not falling for each other.
18 "Hangover" September 2, 2015 A kiss may just be part of Leah and Clark's agreement, now it's starting to become their hearts' desire.
19 "Believe" September 3, 2015 Clark fell ill and the best cure is Leah.
20 "Angel" September 4, 2015 Will Leah and Clark take their arranged relationship to the next level?
21 "I'm Here" September 7, 2015 Clark has his heart in his mouth when he learns that Leah is at one of San Francisco’s most dangerous streets. Leah, on the other hand, notices two dubious men following her.
22 "Surprise" September 8, 2015 Leah has a very strong feeling that she saw her mother, which takes her and Clark in another mission.
23 "Most Kilig Night" September 9, 2015 What used to be Leah and Clark's dream is about to become a reality. This is the "Kilig Moment" that everyone has been waiting for.
24 "Guilty" September 10, 2015 Leah strongly believes that her mother may still be alive and she hopes to find her in Napa Valley, the hometown of Rona’s former employer.
25 "Hold My Hand" September 11, 2015 Leah discovers that her father needs a heart surgery and decides to leave the US, but what about Clark?
26 "In Denial" September 14, 2015 What is M.U.? Magulong Usapan or Mutual Understanding? Leah and Clark are having a hard time figuring this out.
27 "Mr. and Mrs. Pizza" September 15, 2015 Clark helps Leah earn the amount needed for Tatang Sol's heart operation, but he can't seem to tell Leah why he's doing all these.
28 "Selos" September 16, 2015 Tatang Sol is about to undergo operation, which is another event that can change Leah and Clark's plans.
29 "Most Approved Kiss" September 17, 2015 Leah can't help but feel furious after seeing Clark with somebody else. On the other hand, Leah receives a letter, regarding on the green card she applied for.
30 "Hesitations" September 18, 2015 While trying to contain her feelings for Clark, Leah pushes him to get to know other girls.
31 "Sweetest Moment" September 21, 2015 Though against the thought, Clark eventually agrees to meet with a woman they met at a bar, unaware of Leah’s qualms about her own idea.
32 "Fantasy" September 22, 2015 Will Clark and Leah continue to deny their feelings because of the promise they made to Jack and Jigs?
33 "Sweetest Surprise" September 23, 2015 After learning what Leah has always wanted, Clark gives her the sweetest surprise.
34 "Complicated" September 24, 2015 Jigs gets his hopes up when he learns about Leah's granted petition for a green card, believing that it will cut the latter's ties with Clark.
35 "Distance" September 25, 2015 Expect the unexpected because the "Ex" is about to visit Leah and Clark.
36 "Hadlang" September 28, 2015 Now that Jigs is in the US, Leah and Clark try to keep their distance, only to realize that they can't live without each other.
37 "Changes" September 29, 2015 Hiding their true feelings from Jigs and Tita Jack becomes too difficult for Leah and Clark.
38 "Game of Love" September 30, 2015 Will Tita Jack finally notice that Leah and Clark are no longer pretending?

October 2015

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
39 "The Aminan Night" October 1, 2015 Clark is about to show his immeasurable love for Leah.
40 "Push For Love" October 2, 2015 Celebrate love as Leah and Clark become more open about their feelings, but they're still left with one important thing to do.
41 "I Love You" October 5, 2015 Clark musters all his courage to tell Jack about his relationship with Leah. Upset, Jack pleads Clark to end everything between him and Leah knowing how it would affect Jigs, but Clark chooses to fight for his love.
42 "Fight For Love" October 6, 2015 Rona's return marks the end of Leah's American dream.

Arrival: Philippines

October 2015

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
43 "Start Over" October 7, 2015 Leah surprises her family as she goes back to the Philippines, while Tiffany grows hateful of Rona after learning how the latter left them for another family. Meanwhile, Clark and Jigs struggle living on their own after Leah's departure.
44 "Hopeful" October 8, 2015 There's never a moment that Clark doesn't think of Leah, then the wind of fate blows in his favor.
45 "Welcome Home Clark" October 9, 2015 Clark returns to the Philippines, but before he wins back Leah's heart, he must prove himself first to Leah's father.
46 "From A Distance" October 12, 2015 Kilig version 2.0 begins as Clark experiences courtship- Filipino style.
47 "Reunited" October 13, 2015 Clark has no plan to tell Leah that he is also in the Philippines, but fate brings them back together.
48 "Love Drunk" October 14, 2015 Deeply hurt by Leah and Clark's instant marriage in the US, Tatang Sol demands that he gets to know Clark even more.
49 "Igib ng Pag-Ibig" October 15, 2015 Tatang Sol welcomes Clark to hell.
50 "Biyaheng Pag-Ibig" October 16, 2015 Still determined to win Sol’s trust and blessing, Clark spends a day working as a jeepney driver upon learning Sol’s passion for it. Meanwhile, Jack attempts to stop Jigs from going to the Philippines by hiding his ticket and passport, but Jigs insists that he would find ways to follow Clark and Leah.
51 "Tough Love" October 19, 2015 Leah tries to push Clark away as she remembers the reason why she left the US.
52 "Pursue" October 20, 2015 Staying away from Leah is not an option for Clark (James Reid), so he does a few more sweet things that can hopefully change Leah's heart.
53 "Confession" October 21, 2015 Tatay Sol thinks it's best if Leah and Clark will live together, which pushes Leah to tell her father the reason why she married Clark.
54 "Hot Seat" October 22, 2015 Clark tries his best to cheer up Leah through his sweet surprises and by supporting her with her job hunt.
55 "Too Good" October 23, 2015 Jigs slowly realizes and appreciates Jack’s sacrifices as he sees the hardships of working as an OFW. Meanwhile, Leah guarantees Sol that Clark is a good man and that he has everything she is looking for in a partner.
56 "Happy Times" October 26, 2015 After witnessing everything that Clark has been doing for Leah, he finally lets his son-in-law call him "Tatang."
57 "Ginoong Tenement" October 27, 2015 Clark represents Tenement Uno in Ginoong Tenement 2015!
58 "Hero" October 28, 2015 Clark and Leah slowly fix their rift as they grow closer to each other through his continuous efforts to win back her heart, not to mention his many "pogi points" from Tatang Sol.
59 "Approval" October 29, 2015 Clark finally wins Tatay Sol's approval.
60 "Trust Me" October 30, 2015 Will Leah let go of all her doubts and fears and finally tell Clark how much she loves him?

November 2015

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
61 "Miss You" November 2, 2015 Clark asks Leah to open her heart and he will make sure that their relationship will not end up like Nanang and Tatang's.
62 "Happy CLeah Day" November 3, 2015 With Sol's help, Clark convinces Leah to join him in finding the most nostalgic and romantic places in Manila.
63 "Manila In Love" November 4, 2015 Clark and Leah's "Manila in Love" continues.
64 "Back To You" November 5, 2015 A man from Tiffany's past returns.
65 "Love Shots" November 6, 2015 Leah and Clark go through a fake wedding all over again, but this time the feelings are definitely real.
66 "Wish" November 9, 2015 Love is a gamble, but Leah is willing to face all her fears for as long as she's with Clark.
67 "Finally Yours" November 10, 2015 Just when you thought that it's over, the much-awaited event will finally happen.
68 "Harana" November 11, 2015 The sweetness levels up now that Leah finally opens herself to loving Clark with all her heart.
69 "Lucky" November 12, 2015 Leah lets go of her inhibitions as she finally allows herself to commit in a relationship with Clark.
70 "Secret" November 13, 2015 The truth finds its way out as Tatay Sol answers a call for Leah.
71 "Crazy Love" November 16, 2015 Leah gets bothered upon learning that a woman is helping Clark with his work in the coffee shop.
72 "Destination Love" November 17, 2015 Get ready for more sweet wishes and kisses as Clark and Leah bring the family to Batangas.
73 "Dream Love" November 18, 2015 Is Leah really ready to take her relationship with Clark to the next level, especially now that trust is starting to become an issue.
74 "The Proposal" November 19, 2015 Despite the bliss he feels whenever he is with Leah, Clark feels that something is lacking in their relationship. Soon, he realizes that he and Leah have not yet had a real church wedding. Now, he asks Leah "the question."
75 "Backslide" November 20, 2015 Jigs discovers Leah and Clark's wedding plans.
76 "Plans" November 23, 2015 Just as Leah and Clark's happy ever after is about to begin, the "ex" from the US returns.
77 "The Ex Is Back" November 24, 2015 Everyone at Tenement Uno is filled with excitement for Clark's upcoming "pamamanhikan". Clark, on the other hand, gets cold feet as he worries that he might mess up in front of Sol, now he realizes that there's one person from the US that he really needs to worry about.
78 "Face Off" November 25, 2015 Team CLeah swear to never give up in the name of love.
79 "Torn" November 26, 2015 Unable to accept defeat, Jigs still tries to convince Leah to cancel her wedding with Clark.
80 "Pamamanhikan" November 27, 2015 Clark attempts to end his rift with Jigs for their grandmother's sake but it seems hopeless, until Clark wakes up to a good news.
81 "Trouble" November 30, 2015 Getting to know both sides of the family may be difficult for a new couple, but getting a call from someone who Leah wants to forget may be the toughest challenge of all.

December 2015

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
82 "Pag-Ibig Feels" December 1, 2015 Jigs insists on disrupting Leah and Clark's celebration with their families.
83 "Meet The New Boss" December 2, 2015 Leah meets her new boss, Simon Evangelista a.k.a Hitler.
84 "Simon Says" December 3, 2015 The new boss is starting to get on Leah's nerves. Good thing hubby Clark is always ready with his relaxing hug.
85 "Perception" December 4, 2015 Leah and Clark, along with a few friends and Harry, embark on a road trip to Ilocos.
86 "Remedy" December 7, 2015 Clark and Leah discover that Harry has stowed away in the backseat of their car. Instead of sending the lad back to Manila, Clark and Leah take the chance to get to know him, and Harry is about to get to know "love."
87 "Timeless" December 8, 2015 As Clark and Leah take a vacation to Ilocos, Clark’s cousin, Harry, meets Leah’s second cousin Audrey.
88 "Cherish" December 9, 2015 Clark and Leah enjoy the streets of Vigan at night before sharing more sweet moments at their hotel room. Meanwhile, Tolayts heeds Sol's advice and befriends Adrian through a drinking session. On his visit to the cemetery, Simon recalls his treasured memories with his late girlfriend, Juliet.
89 "Related" December 10, 2015 There are two sides in meeting Leah's grandparents-- the good and the sad.
90 "Real" December 11, 2015 Jigs still knows a secret that can be used against Leah and her family.
91 "Desperate Move" December 14, 2015 Jigs knows a secret that he intends to use against Clark and Leah.
92 "Threat" December 15, 2015 There's no stopping Jigs from doing his revenge.
93 "Laban" December 16, 2015 Will Jigs' unfortunate situation stop Leah and Clark's wedding?
94 "Start Up" December 17, 2015 Jigs finally waves the white flag, which means there's no stopping Clark and Leah's church wedding, but the money becomes another issue.
95 "Preparations" December 18, 2015 As much as Clark and Leah want to always be with each other, they still need to face reality where they have to work for money.
96 "Push" December 21, 2015 Leah should be focusing on the wedding plans, but Simon a.k.a Hitler gets in the way.
97 "Love Rush" December 22, 2015 Can Leah make it to the seminar or will this be another gloomy day for Clark?
98 "Christmas Gift" December 23, 2015 Clark finally meets Simon a.k.a Hitler and Leah's hubby can't help but feel jealous.
99 "Christmas Surprise" December 24, 2015
100 "Christmas Wish" December 25, 2015 Sol relives his past Christmas memories with Rona who, unknown to him, is alive and is seeking out Clark's help in reconnecting with Leah.
101 "Point Blank" December 28, 2015 Clark and Leah face more challenges now that their wedding is near.
102 "Commitment" December 29, 2015 Simon is giving the love birds a hard time.
103 "Burden" December 30, 2015 Rona returns and she needs Clark's help.
104 "Wrong Move" December 31, 2015 Leah is in a lot of stress as she and Simon prepare for the big presentation.

January 2016

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
105 "Second Chance" January 1, 2016 The big day is near and Simon still has more comments on Leah's presentation.
106 "Fight" January 4, 2016 A rumour was spread around! Some people in the agency thinks that Leah is the boss' favorite.
107 "Celebration" January 5, 2016 Can Leah finally learn to forgive Rona?
108 "Resolution" January 6, 2016 Leah will now face her mother. Is there finally space for forgiveness?
109 "Hard to Deal" January 7, 2016 Leah gets a piece of advice from her boss, but the husband doesn't seem happy about it.
110 "Risky" January 8, 2016 Leah gives Rona another chance and she tries to convince Tiffany to let their mother reconnect with them again.
111 "Unexpected" January 11, 2016 Revelations are coming, and it's about time for Leah and Tiffany to tell their father the truth about Rona.
112 "Acceptance" January 12, 2016 Leah needs to tell her father the truth before the situation becomes even worst.
113 "Pain" January 13, 2016 Tiffany finally agrees to let Sol know about Rona, but she has one condition.
114 "Broken" January 14, 2016 Tiffany and Leah finally tell Sol that Rona is still alive.
115 "Moment of Truth" January 15, 2016 Sol faces his wife, Rona.
116 "Cross the Line" January 18, 2016 Let the games, between Team Simon and Team Clark, begin!
117 "Clark vs. Simon" January 19, 2016 This is the game that you have been waiting for. Team Simon and Team Clark will finally face each other.
118 "Inspired" January 20, 2016 Seems like somebody else is falling in love with the bride.
119 "Conflict" January 21, 2016 Simon drove Leah home, and hubby is not happy.
120 "Redemption" January 22, 2016 Clark has a special surprise for Leah on her special day, but wait... Simon is also included?
121 "The Birthday Showdown" January 25, 2016 The Clark and Simon battle reaches round 2.
122 "The Surprise Move" January 26, 2016 Simon also prepares a surprise for Leah.
123 "Rivalry for a Cause" January 27, 2016 After fighting over the microphone, Clark and Simon are now in one intense rivalry for a cause.
124 "Know Your Limits" January 28, 2016
125 "A Guy Thing" January 29, 2016 Clark wants to be the one to provide for the family and refuses to accept help from Leah, and gifts from Simon.

February 2016

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
126 "Too Much" February 1, 2016 Simon offers Leah the position as Creative Director, but she has to move to Dubai.
127 "On the Rocks" February 2, 2016 Leah and Clark's relationship is now officially "on the rocks."
128 "Feelings Unleashed" February 3, 2016 Simon's feelings become stronger, while Clark's jealousy is getting worst.
129 "Life Changing" February 4, 2016 Leah finally makes a decision.
130 "The Hardest Decision" February 5, 2016 Sol is in a critical condition, which makes Leah rethink about Simon's offer. But what if the only solution will only cause more problems? Will Leah still leave Clark?
131 "Frustration" February 8, 2016 Love may not be enough to stop Leah from leaving.
132 "Disappointment" February 9, 2016 Can Clark make it to the airport before Leah leaves?
133 "The Breakup" February 10, 2016 Will Leah and Clark survive the long distance relationship?
134 "Heartbroken" February 11, 2016 Will Leah choose her career over Clark?
135 "Begin Again" February 12, 2016 "How do you love someone who does not love you?" Simon is about to get his answer.

Arrival: USA (Part II)

February 2016

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
136 "Separate Lives" February 15, 2016 As the moments pass, Clark and Leah slowly heal from their separation.
137 "The Bittersweet Reunion" February 16, 2016 Destiny will find a way for what is meant to be and what is meant to happen.
138 "Meet the Client" February 17, 2016 Get ready for more bittersweet moments as Clark becomes Leah's client.
139 "Double Celebration" February 18, 2016 Clark quickly thinks of excuses to delay Leah's request for divorce, while Jack comes up with ways to make the world even smaller for Clark and Leah.
140 "Live for the Moment" February 19, 2016 The sweetness comes back to life as Leah and Clark live for the moment.
141 "Last Memorable Trip" February 22, 2016 Will Clark finally fight for love?
142 "Love at Last" February 23, 2016 Simon picks up Leah and Clark can only watch her leave.
143 "One Last Cry" February 24, 2016 Clark signs the divorce papers, but is this what Leah really wants?

Arrival: Philippines (Part II)

February 2016

# Episode Title Date Aired Story
144 "The Last Chance" February 25, 2016 Can Leah stop Clark from leaving?
145 "The Last Flight" February 26, 2016 This is a one massive surprise that no one should miss.