(Why did we see each other again if there was really no chance for us anymore?)

–Nikko to Becca

Relevant Information

Name: Nikko John Borja

Gender: Male

Status: Alive

Occupation: Student at PUP, Basketball player

Romances: Becca del Mundo (see BecKo)

Family: Mother

Appearance: Para sa Hopeless Romantic

Portrayed by: James Reid


Nikko Borja is the guy who is hoping to get back in the life of his ex-girlfriend, Becca del Mundo and hoping to revive the past.


Becca: (see BecKo)

Becca and Nikko were in a relationship when they were in high school. They broke up when Nikko admitted that he's in love with someone else. Now that they're in college, everything becomes complicated when they cross paths again.


Nikko and Faye got together after him and Becca broke up. They were together for three years, but broke up because Nikko is still in love with his ex.

Mother (not named):

Nikko's mother lives at Canada since his parents separated. She's always wanted her son to go to Canada so they can live together. It was about to push through but Nikko backed out because of wanting to be with Becca.


Nikko's best friend is RJ. He was the one who set him up with Faye because he's concerned about Nikko, since he doesn't go out anymore and spends his time playing video games all day.

Quotes (English Translations)

Nikko: (To Becca) Why did we see each other again if there was really no chance for us anymore?

Nikko: (To Becca) I still love you.