(A happy ending is worked for, not relied on other things.)

–Carmina to Yong

Relevant Information

Name: Karla Carmina Joven Canlas

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Occupation: Student

Nicknames: Mina (by Yong), Carmina (by everyone)

Romance: Yong Gopez (see CarMa)

Family: Edna

Appearance: Maalaala Mo Kaya: Signs of Love

Portrayed by: Nadine Lustre


Carmina Joven is fascinated with romance novels and the list of love signs. When she had the chance to work with Yong Gopez, a PBB Housemate, she immediately took it. The two hit it off. But Carmina has seen how her mother lived without her prince charming, which makes Carmina scared of falling in love. Carmina is asthmatic and has a collection of stuffed toys given by her suitors. After her friend tells her about asking for signs, Carmina has been depending on signs and will only believe that Yong is her Mr. Right when her signs happen. If he gives her a ring, if he gives her stuffed toys for her birthday and if he wears the colour red for their monthsary date. When she gets all of them, she had no doubts. But everything went crashing down when Yong goes to Japan, and Carmina sees a photo of him with a mystery girl.


Yong: (see CarMa)

Carmina and Yong become fascinated to one another when they met. As they spend time together, they start to fall in love with each other. But their relationship becomes complicated when Yong goes to Japan to work.


Edna is Carmina's mother. They get along together since it's only the two of them. Carmina still sees the pain in her mother's eyes whenever she says that she's fine with what happened between her and Carmina's father.

Quotes (English Translations)

Carmina: From now on, you're my moo.

Yong: Moo?

Carmina: Moo. My only one.

Carmina: (To Yong) I love you because of so many unlimited reasons. I'm so stupid because I'm still looking for signs. It's obvious that my heart is shouting that you're my moo. That you're my one and only.

Carmina: (To Yong) Mom was right. A happy ending is worked for, not relied on other things. I made a mistake, but I won't stop until we don't fix this.

Carmina: (To Yong) I won't believe in the signs anymore. I won't give up. I will fight for whatever we have.

Carmina: (To Yong) I asked for all those signs.