(Move on? It's too difficult to move on.)


Relevant InformationEdit

Name: Rebecca del Mundo

Gender: Female

Nickname: Becca (by everyone)

Status: Alive

Occupation: Student at PUP

Romances: Nikko John Borja (see BecKo)

Family: Mom, dad

Appearance: Para sa Hopeless Romantic

Portrayed by: Nadine Lustre


Becca is a writer who writes love stories with sad endings, right after Nikko John Borja broke up with her. She's the person who is hoping to move on.


Nikko: (see BecKo) Becca and Nikko were in a relationship when they were in high school. They broke up when Nikko admitted that he's in love with someone else. Now that they're in college, everything becomes complicated when they cross paths again.

Mother (unnamed):

Becca is close with her mom. She helps her with writing her book and her issue with Nikko.

Father (unnamed):

Becca is also close with her dad. He also helps Beccca with her issue with Nikko.


Jackie is Becca's best friend. She always finds Becca's stories bitter. She tries to help her move on from Becca by telling her that there are other guys in the world who are much better than him.

Quotes (English Translations)Edit

Jackie: (About Nikko) You still love him, right?

Becca: Yes.

Jackie: Then why did you run away?

Becca: Maybe for self-respect.

Nikko: Why did we see each other again if there was really no chance anymore?

Becca: Maybe to face what hurt us in the past again? Maybe for closure? So we could finally move on.

Becca: Move on? It's too difficult to move on.

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