Relevant Information

Name: Anne

Gender: Female

Status: Dead

Friend: Sandra

Appearance: Chain Mail

Portrayed by: Nadine Lustre


Anne got killed at the start of the film when a jeep went straight through the computer shop she's in, because she deleted a chain mail sent by her boyfriend. She is described by her best friend, Sandra, as the person who "doesn't forget what people has done to her and holds grudges". According to Sandra, she wished her father dead when he left them. Throughout the film, Sandra sees Anne before someone's about to die, and Anne gives her an angry look whenever she sees her. That's why Sandra has always thought it was Anne killing her friends. At the end, it turned out that Anne shows herself to Sandra because she's giving her a warning, and is trying to help her.



Jake was Anne's boyfriend before she died. It was revealed that they were having issues due to Jake being a player, and courting Cynthia when they were together.


Sandra is Anne's best friend. It was revealed by her that Anne holds grudges and doesn't forgive people easily, which led to Sandra thinking that Anne is behind all the mysterious deaths because those who died were people Anne didn't like. Although towards the end of the film, it was revealed that Anne was just giving them clues to solve the mystery.


  • Anne is only a special role.