Relevant Information

Name: Anika Andres

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Occupation: Student

Romances: Joe (see JoeNika)

Family: Macky (brother)

             Stella (mother's cousin)
             Steffi (second cousin)

Appearance: Wansapanataym: My App #Boyfie

Portrayed by: Nadine Lustre


Anika has an inferiority complex because she is always compared with her siblings. She also feels that no one appreciates her at home and school.


Joe: (see JoeNika)

Anika created Joe from the app called 'Wiz Maker'. Joe was her ideal boyfriend. The both of them close and fell in love with each other.


Melvin is Anika's crush, although he doesn't feel the same way as her.


Macky is Anika's brother.


Stella is the cousin of Anika's mother. After their parents died, she and her brother in the hands of Stella and her cruel daughter.


Steffi is Anika's second cousin.


Shannon is Anika's best friend.

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