Play for the camera lang, huh.

–Abi to Tristan

Relevant Information

Name: Abi Villavicencio

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Occupation: Photographer

Romance: Tristan Adams (see TrisBi)

Family: Erika Villavicencio (sibling)
              Edith Villavicencio (sister)
              Jimbo Villavicencio (nephew)
              Jumbo Villavicencio (nephew)

Appearance: Beauty And The Bestie

Portrayed by: Nadine Lustre


Abi is the sister of Erika. She's the one who often takes care of Jimbo and Jumbo because both of her siblings aren't around much to take care of the boys. Abi is a photographer, just like her sister. She can be a little deaf sometimes, and falls in love with Tristan.


Tristan: (see TrisBi)

Tristan and Abi meet when he pretends to be the doctor of Abi's nephew, Jimbo, but was later on introduced by the real doctor. As they spend more time together, they gradually fall in love.


Erika is Abi's older sibling. They are close with each other, but fought when Erika doesn't approve of Tristan and Abi hanging out together. Although they reconciled in the middle of the film.

Jimbo & Jumbo:

When Erika isn't around, Abi is the one that takes care of both her nephews. She seems close with them, and shows care for them when she got concerned about Jimbo's rare condition that could lead to blindness.


Edith is Abi's older sister that left the house and her kids to be with her boyfriend, Jojo. She comes back later on towards the middle of the film.

Quotes (English Translations)

Abi: (To Jimbo & Jumbo) Hey! Even though I don't shower for three days, my armpit still smells good! You can smell it even!

Tristan: I was hoping you could capture different moods, different emotions.

Abi: Huh? This is an ID picture, right?

Abi: Play for the camera, alright?